Monday, March 30, 2009

A FanGirl Moment

On Friday at the NEC conference, I experienced a total fangirl moment quite by accident!

There were signs all over the hotel parking lot saying that my car would be towed if I was not a hotel guest. Since the conference was less than 30 miles from my home, I decided sleeping in my own bed would be a good thing. But I didn't want my car towed, so I was looking for a hotel employee in the lobby to make sure my wheels would still be there when I was ready for them. I asked a gal standing near the computer kiosks if there was a problem with me parking there.

And as the words were spilling out my mouth, I realized I was talking to LISA GARDNER! "Oh! You don't work here," I said and proceeded to tell her who she was! By this time, I was babbling profusely so I gushed about how I loved her work. She was very gracious and told me no one had asked for any information about her car when she checked in, so she figured mine was safe!

Don't you just love it when people you admire turn out to be as nice as you hoped they were!

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